GLSL errors in Internet Explorer 11 Preview

Some workarounds are noted here to help you get your GLSL code working with Internet Explorer 11 Preview.

Your GLSL program isn't compiling.

Language elementIssueWorkaround
struct supportStructures are not available yetRewrite code to not use structures.
Texture lookup in the vertex shaderSupported on specific hardware.Use gl.getParameter(gl.MAX_VERTEX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS) to determine if vertex shader texture lookup is supported and adjust your shader conditionally.
gl_FrontFacingNot currently supported.
#line supportNot currently supported.
GLSL extensions (such as OES_standard_derivatives)Not currently supported.
Internal Linker ErrorA shader failed to compile or link on provided hardware due to its complexity.Try reducing the complexity of the shader so it can run on all hardware.
gl_PointSizeImplemented but value doesn't change.