fullscreenChange | fullscreenChange event

Fires when an element enters or exits full-screen mode.



Event handler parameters

This method has no parameters.


The event fires once the element is in full-screen mode, so you can get the current state. The following example checks fullscreenElement to see if any elements are in full-screen mode. If the element is in full-screen mode, this returns the element, such as HTMLDivElement. If not, the fullscreenElement property returns null.

As of Microsoft Edge, the experimental "ms" prefix was removed from MSFullscreenChange. The recommended usage is as follows:

IE VersionRecommended Usage
Prior to Internet Explorer 11not implemented
Microsoft Edge and beyondfullscreenChange


For improved compatibility with legacy sites, webkitFullscreenChange is also supported as an alias of fullscreenChange in Microsoft Edge.


The following example prints a message to the console whether or not an element is displayed in full-screen mode.

document.addEventListener("fullscreenChange", function () {
          if (document.fullscreenElement != null) {
              console.info("Went full screen");
          } else {
              console.info("Exited full screen");              

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