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getActiveUniform method

Returns an WebGLActiveInfo object containing the size, type, and name of a uniform attribute at a specific index position in a program object.




var retVal = WebGLRenderingContext.getActiveUniform(program, index);


program [in]

Type: WebGLProgram

The program object containing the uniform attribute of interest.

index [in]

Type: Number

The index of the uniform. The index is zero based. Passing 0 selects the first uniform, while ACTIVE_ATTRIBUTES - 1 specifies the last uniform.

Return value

Type: WebGLActiveInfo

A WebGLActiveInfo object.


WebGL errorDescription
  • The value of program is not generated by WebGL.
  • The value of index is greater than or equal to the number of active uniforms in program.
gl.INVALID_OPERATIONThe program is not a valid program object.


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