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Analog Sensor

Generic Analog Sensor

The Generic Analog Sensor service support analog sensors that measure continuous information. An example of this kind of a sensor is a light sensor which monitors the amount of light over time. Analog sensors are often distinguished from digital sensors which use discrete (discontinuous) values to represent information for input. Often though either approach can be used to provide similar types of information. For example, film cameras are analog devices, while Web cameras are digital devices.

The Generic Analog Sensor service provides two basic operations:

GetReturns the current state of the sensor.
AnalogSensorUpdateChanges the state of a sensor or indicates when the sensor's state as changed.

The state of a generic analog sensor includes several properties.

HardwareIdentifierintThe hardware port that the sensor uses.
NormalizedMeasurementdoubleThe normalized input value.
PosePoseThe position and orientation of the sensor.
RawMeasurementdoubleThe raw input value from the sensor.
RawMeasurementRangedoubleThe upper bound of the raw measurement.
TimeStampDateTimeThe timestamp of the sensor reading.

AnalogSensorUpdate can be used as a request to set (change) the state of the sensor, such as its HardwareIdentifier or Pose. It is also available as a notification that provides updates when the sensor's state changes, providing a reading of its RawMeasurement and its NormalizedMeasurement, the latter being a value from 0 to 1, calculated by dividing the RawMeasurement by the RawMeasurementRange. You can also use Get to request a explicitly request the current state of the sensor.


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