JavaScript Language Reference

This documentation explains the Microsoft implementation of JavaScript, which is compliant with the ECMAScript 5th Edition language specification. It also provides additional features that are not included in the Ecma Standards.

JavaScript is the programming language most frequently supported by web browsers. JavaScript code is embedded into the HTML of web pages. The code can interact with the Document Object Model (DOM), which represents HTML and browser objects. This enables web pages to implement dynamic features such as animations, transitions, text color changes, and text effects.

JavaScript that runs in a web browser is called client-side JavaScript because it runs on a client computer instead of on a web server.

The following sections provide more information about JavaScript.

What's New in JavaScript

Describes new features in JavaScript.

JavaScript Fundamentals

Provides an introduction to the basic structures in JavaScript.

Advanced JavaScript

Explains advanced JavaScript functionality, such as recursion, arrays, troubleshooting, and so on.

JavaScript Reference

Provides links to topics that explain the elements of the JavaScript language.