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With CRichEditView and CRichEditCntrItem, provides the functionality of the rich edit control within the context of MFC's document view architecture.

class CRichEditDoc : public COleServerDoc  

Public Methods

CRichEditDoc::CreateClientItemCalled to perform cleanup of the document.
CRichEditDoc::GetStreamFormatIndicates whether stream input and output should include formatting information.
CRichEditDoc::GetViewRetrieves the asssociated CRichEditView object.

Public Data Members

CRichEditDoc::m_bRTFIndicates whether stream I/O should include formatting.

A "rich edit control" is a window in which the user can enter and edit text. The text can be assigned character and paragraph formatting, and can include embedded OLE objects. Rich edit controls provide a programming interface for formatting text. However, an application must implement any user interface components necessary to make formatting operations available to the user.

CRichEditView maintains the text and formatting characteristic of text. CRichEditDoc maintains the list of client items which are in the view. CRichEditCntrItem provides container-side access to the OLE client items.

This Windows Common control (and therefore the CRichEditCtrl and related classes) is available only to programs running under Windows 95/98 and Windows NT versions 3.51 and later.

For an example of using a rich edit document in an MFC application, see the WORDPAD sample application.








Header: afxrich.h

Call this function to create a CRichEditCntrItem object and add it to this document.

virtual CRichEditCntrItem* CreateClientItem(REOBJECT* preo = NULL) const = 0;  


Pointer to an REOBJECT structure which describes an OLE item. The new CRichEditCntrItem object is constructed around this OLE item. If preo is NULL, the new client item is empty.

Return Value

Pointer to a new CRichEditCntrItem object which has been added to this document.


This function does not perform any OLE initialization.

For more information, see the REOBJECT structure in the Windows SDK.

Call this function to determine the text format for streaming the contents of the rich edit.

int GetStreamFormat() const;  

Return Value

One of the following flags:

  • SF_TEXT Indicates that the rich edit control does not maintain formatting information.

  • SF_RTF Indicates that the rich edit control does maintain formatting information.


The return value is based on the m_bRTF data member. This function returns SF_RTF if m_bRTF is TRUE; otherwise, SF_TEXT.

Call this function to access the CRichEditView object associated with this CRichEditDoc object.

virtual CRichEditView* GetView() const;  

Return Value

Pointer to the CRichEditView object associated with the document.


The text and formatting information are contained within the CRichEditView object. The CRichEditDoc object maintains the OLE items for serialization. There should be only one CRichEditView for each CRichEditDoc.

When TRUE, indicates that CRichEditCtrl::StreamIn and CRichEditCtrl::StreamOut should store paragraph and character-formatting characteristics.

BOOL m_bRTF;  

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