How do I export data with an outbound rule?

Outbound rule sets make it possible for you publish Planning Server data to specified external data stores called Data Destinations. Modelers can create sets of customized outbound rules to fit a particular business scenario.

This procedure provides guidelines that can help a modeler develop outbound rules and rule sets.

What you can do when you finish

When you create and run an outbound rule set, your Planning Server data is available to an extended business user community. Your data can be used by applications other than the Planning Server tools. For example, at the end of the budget cycle, a customer might want extract new budget numbers and update an enterprise plan. Alternatively, a customer might want to create a data catalog or snapshot of results from Planning Business Modeler.

Additional information

Outbound rules cannot be run individually. To run an outbound rule, you must run the rule set to which the rule belongs. For more information, see Executing a rule set or rule.


This how-to procedure assumes that you have completed the following prerequisites:

  • You have Data Administrator permissions.

  • Your Planning Server administrator has specified an appropriate Data Destination connection for your model.

  • Your model has set the Enable model export property to TRUE.

  • You have an appropriate value at hand to define the scope of your rule.

  • You have set the Export Location model property to a valid Data Destination name. Planning Business Modeler uses the label of an administrator-specified data connection to provide possible values for the Export Location model property.

Creating an outbound rule

Use the steps in the following table to track your progress.

Step Task Topic


Review the description of outbound rules to gain an overview of the process.

Outbound rules


Review the security requirements for a Modeler role. To create and run outbound rules, you must have Modeler or Data Administrator permissions.

Scope of permission for the Modeler role


Open the model, and click the Model Properties tab. Verify that the assigned values are correct for the following model properties:

  • Export Location is set to the data destination name that you want.

  • Enable model export is set to TRUE.

Add, edit, or delete a model property


Click the Business Rules tab. If your model contains an outbound rule set that should contain the rule that you will create, select that rule set.

Otherwise, create a rule set of type Outbound.

Creating a new rule set


Select the outbound rule set that will contain your rule, and then right-click to show the shortcut menu. Use the shortcut menu to create a new outbound rule.

The Define Scopes pane appears.

Creating a new rule


From Scope Editor in the Define Scopes pane, define the scope of the data that you want to export.

Defining a SCOPE statement


In the Rule Grid pane, select the rule you just completed. Validate the rule.

Validating a rule, rule set, or all rules


Save the rule.

Open, close, and save a model site


Deploy the rule.

Deploying rules and variables

Next steps

To export data with an outbound rule, you must create and schedule a data export job. For information about the properties of this job, see About Data Export jobs.

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