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Video How to: Creating a Simple Data Application

Visual Studio 2008

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Authors: Kathleen McGrath, Harry Miller, Steve Stein, Mick Alberts, Microsoft Corporation

Applies to: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

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Displaying data from a database on a Windows Form is easy with Visual Studio 2008. You can display data on forms in Windows applications by dragging items from the Data Sources window onto your form.

This video shows how to create an application that displays data from two related tables in a database. The following tasks are included in the process:

  • How to create a Windows-based application.

  • How to create and configure a dataset that is based on the Customers and Orders tables in the Northwind database by using the Data Source Configuration Wizard.

  • How to add controls to display data from the Customers table.

  • How to test the application, selecting different customers and verifying that the correct orders are shown for the selected customer.

  • How to modify data and save it back to the database.

The Visual Studio Help includes the code and the steps that are demonstrated in this video. See Walkthrough: Creating a Simple Data Application.