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Compare folders and files


This section explains how to compare folders and files. You can compare server folders and local folders to each other, and view the differences between the contents of each folder. You can compare two server files, two local files, or a server file against a local file and view the differences between the files.

In This Section

Compare files

Describes how to view the differences between two server files, two local files, or a server file and a local file.

Compare folders

Describes how to compare two server folders, two local folders, or a server folder and a local folder.

Folder comparison filters

Describes the name filters that are used to match the names of files or folders you are comparing.

Reconcile differences between two folders

Describes how to reconcile the differences between a server folder and local folder, and how to resolve conflicting pending changes in your local folder.

Associate a file type with a file-comparison tool

Describes how to associate a specific file type with a third-party compare or difference tool.