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Audio Authoring for XACT

This section contains information about authoring sound using the Microsoft Cross-Platform Audio Creation Tool (XACT).

In This Section

XACT Introduction
An introduction to the XACT authoring tool interface.
Auditioning with XACT for Windows
The Audio Console application allows users of XACT for Windows to audition audio created using the XACT tool.
XACT Audition Monitor
A guide to working with the XACT audition monitor.
Building an XACT Wave Bank
How to build a wave bank using XACT.
Working With XACT Sound Banks
How to build a sound bank, sounds, tracks and cues using XACT.
XACT Events
Details on types of XACT events that compose tracks and their properties.
XACT Sound and Wave Variations
How to use sound and wave variations to vary audio playback using XACT.
Making XACT Categories
How to create categories using XACT.
XACT Variables
How to create XACT audio variables that reflect activity in the game.
XACT Runtime Parameter Controls
How to create runtime-parameter controls (a.k.a. "sliders") that modify audio output as conditions in the game change.
XACT Time Variables
How to create attack and release envelopes for wave playback.
XACT DSP Presets
How to create and attach DSP effects to sounds.
XACT Reverb
How to manipulate the DSP reverberation effect.
XACT Interactive Audio
Introductory information on the Interactive Audio feature of XACT.
Project Build Wizard
Describes the XACT project build wizard.
XACT Reports
Describes the XACT report feature.
XACT Property Grid
Provides a quick reference for the XACT property grid.

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