Windows XP Media Center Edition SDK Using the Skin Definition File 

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Using the Skin Definition File

The skin definition file (.wms file) in Party Mode.wmz controls the layout and subviews of the Party Mode skin. It contains most of the script functions called by the Party Mode buttons (also known as button definitions). Because many of these script functions are unique to Party Mode, it is recommended that you modify a copy of Party Mode.wmz the first time you create a custom skin, to ensure proper construction of your skin.

Button Definitions

This section describes the button definitions that call custom Party Mode functions.

The following button definition draws the cascading visualization selection menu at point 85, 65 (the upper-left corner of the skin) and specifies the selected visualization collection and visualization.

        mappingColor    = "#FFCCCC"
        upToolTip       = "Change Visualization"
        onClick         = "JScript:PartyMode.ShowVizMenu( 85, 65,
                           Visualizer.currentPreset );"

The following button definition maps the display of the marquee text to the button btnToggleMarq.

        id              = "btnToggleMarq"
        mappingColor    = "#FF0099"
        upToolTip       = "Toggle Marquee Text"
        downToolTip     = "Toggle Marquee Text"
        onClick         = "JScript:PartyMode.ToggleMarqueeText();"
        sticky          = "true"

The following button definition is used by Party Mode to draw the Edit Marquee dialog box.

        id              = "btnMarqEditAll"
        mappingColor    = "#FF9966"
        upToolTip       = "Editor"
        onClick         = "JScript:PartyMode.ShowMarqueeEditDlg();"

The following button definition is used by Party Mode to quit.

        mappingColor    = "#CCCCFF"
        upToolTip       = "Exit"
        onClick         = "JScript:PartyMode.InvokeExit(0);"

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