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IAssetFile Interface

Updated: May 26, 2013

Represents an file belonging to an Asset.

Namespace:  Microsoft.WindowsAzure.MediaServices.Client
Assembly:  Microsoft.WindowsAzure.MediaServices.Client (in Microsoft.WindowsAzure.MediaServices.Client.dll)

public interface IAssetFile

The IAssetFile type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAssetGets the asset that this file belongs to.
Public propertyContentChecksum Obsolete. Optional. A hexadecimal number representing a MD5 (RFC 1321) message digest value. This value is set by the client or client library to serve as a validation of the successful upload of the content.
Public propertyContentFileSizeAssetFile size (in bytes) of the content.
Public propertyCreatedThis value is set by Media Services at creation time. It represents the number of milliseconds since midnight Jan 1, 1970.
Public propertyEncryptionKeyIdOptional. Encrypted ContentKey Id.
Public propertyEncryptionSchemeOptional. The encryption scheme used for this file. The valid values are: "StorageEncryption" or "CommonEncryption".
Public propertyEncryptionVersionOptional. Current supported version for both StorageEncryption and CommonEncryption is "1.0".
Public propertyIdUnique identifier set by Media Services.
Public propertyInitializationVectorOptional. The initialization vector used for encryption.
Public propertyIsEncryptedOptional. This value should be set to true if this file is storage encrypted.
Public propertyIsPrimaryOptional. Determines if this file is the primary file in a multi-file Asset.
Public propertyLastModifiedThis value is updated by Media Services after any property changes are made. It represents the number of milliseconds since midnight Jan 1, 1970.
Public propertyMimeTypeOptional. Media Services does not inspect any blob that you uploaded, so you must manually set the mime type. For example, "text/plain" or "video/x-ms-wmv" are valid values to use.
Public propertyNameOptional. Friendly name for your IAssetFile. The default value is the filename you used during your file upload.
Public propertyParentAssetIdAsset Id of the Asset that this file is associated with.

Public methodDeleteDeletes this instance.
Public methodDeleteAsyncAsynchronously deletes this instance.
Public methodDownloadDownloads the represented file to the specified destination path.
Public methodDownloadAsync Asynchronously downloads the represented file to the specified destination path.
Public methodUpdateSaves this instance.
Public methodUpdateAsyncAsynchronously updates this instance.
Public methodUploadUploads the file with the given path.
Public methodUploadAsyncUploads the file with given path asynchronously.

Public eventDownloadProgressChangedOccurs when a file download progresses.
Public eventUploadProgressChanged Occurs when the upload progress is updated.
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