DiagnosticMonitorConfiguration Members

Updated: December 6, 2013

Represents the configuration for a set of data buffers for logging and diagnostic information.

The following tables list the members exposed by the DiagnosticMonitorConfiguration type.

  Name Description
  DiagnosticMonitorConfiguration Initializes a new instance of the DiagnosticMonitorConfiguration class.

  Name Description
public property ConfigurationChangePollInterval Gets or sets the interval at which the diagnostic monitor polls for diagnostic configuration changes.
public property DiagnosticInfrastructureLogs Gets or sets the buffer configuration for the logs generated by the underlying diagnostics infrastructure. The diagnostic infrastructure logs are useful for troubleshooting the diagnostics system itself.
public property Directories Gets or sets the buffer configuration for file-based logs, including custom logs.
public property Logs Gets or sets the buffer configuration for basic Windows Azure logs captured by the Windows Azure Trace Listener.
public property OverallQuotaInMB Gets or sets the total amount of local storage allocated for all logging buffers.
public property PerformanceCounters Gets or sets the buffer configuration for performance counter data.
public property WindowsEventLog Gets or sets the buffer configuration for Windows event logs.

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