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Change an Agent's Key

Updated: August 25, 2015


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A SQL Data Sync (Preview) client agent key can only be used once by an agent. It cannot be reused when you remove then reinstall a new agent, nor can it be used by multiple agents. If you need to create a new key for an existing agent you must be sure that the same key is recorded with the client agent and with the SQL Data Sync service.

This article covers how to change the key for a local SQL Data Sync (Preview) client agent.

If you do not have a client agent and need to install one, see the topics Install a SQL Data Sync Client Agent and Register a SQL Server database with a Client Agent.

The Microsoft Azure SQL Data Sync plug-in on the Microsoft Azure Silverlight portal has been decommissioned. Going forward, use the Microsoft Azure Management portal, for Azure SQL Data Sync.

You access SQL Data Sync (Preview) via the SYNC tab under SQL Database at the Microsoft Azure Management portal. The SYNC tab is only available when you have one or more sync groups. See the topic How To: Create a Sync Group (SDS) for guidance on creating and modifying a sync group from this portal.

See the Navigation section below for links to topics you should read before you start and guidance on creating and modifying sync groups.

Modifications you can make to a sync group include:

Follow these steps to change a client agent’s key.

  1. Navigate your browser to the Azure Platform portal.

  2. Click SQL Databases in the left pane.

  3. Click the Sync (Preview) tab.

  4. From the list, select the agent whose key you want to change by clicking anywhere on the agent’s row except the agent’s name.

  5. Click Manage Key.

  6. Click Generate. (Figure 1.1)

  7. Copy the new key to your clipboard. (Figure 1.2)

  8. To close the Manage access key dialog, click the check mark in the lower right corner of the dialog. (Figure 1.3)

  9. Submit the new key.

    1. Go to where you installed the agent and launch SqlAzureDataSyncAgent.
      See step 13 in Install a SQL Data Sync Client Agent.

    2. Click Submit Agent Key.

      Click Submit Agent Key

    3. Paste the agent key from your clipboard into the text box.

    4. Close the textbox dialog box.

    5. Close the agent UI.

SQL Data Sync (Preview) is a feature of SQL Database. From the Azure Management portal you can perform all tasks necessary to create, deploy, and modify a sync group.


Before you start

Before you begin to design and implement your synchronizations, you should be familiar with these topics.

How to create a sync group

There are six steps to creating a sync group from the Azure Management portal. Details on each step can be found by following these links.

  1. Sign in to the Azure SQL Database Management portal
    SQL Data Sync (Preview) is found as a tab under SQL Database only after you create a sync group.

  2. Install a SQL Data Sync Client Agent

  3. Register a SQL Server database with a Client Agent

  4. Create your sync group

  5. Define your data sync

  6. Configure your sync group (SDS)

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