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Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage.Queue.Protocol Namespace

Updated: May 15, 2014

Class Description
GetMessagesResponse Provides methods for parsing the response from an operation to get messages from a queue.
ListQueuesResponse Provides methods for parsing the response from a queue listing operation.
QueueEntry Represents a queue item returned in the XML response for a queue listing operation.
QueueErrorCodeStrings Provides error code strings that are specific to the Queue service.
QueueHttpResponseParsers Provides a set of methods for parsing a response containing queue data from the Queue service.
QueueHttpWebRequestFactory A factory class for constructing a web request to manage queues in the Queue service.
QueueListingContext Provides a set of parameters for a queue listing operation.
QueueMessage Represents a message retrieved from a queue.
QueuePermissions Represents the permissions for a queue.
QueueRequest Provides a set of helper methods for constructing a request against the Queue service.

Enumeration Description
QueueListingDetails Specifies which details to include when listing the queues in this storage account.

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