Scaling a mobile service


Updated: June 16, 2015


The autoscale feature is currently in preview.

On the Scale tab, you can choose between Free, Basic, and Standard tiers. Choose the correct tier based on the usage requirements of your mobile service. Usage data for your mobile service is displayed on the Dashboard tab. For more information, see Monitor usage.

Within a given tier, you can increase capacity by adding role instances. In the Basic tier, you can have up to 6 instances, with up to 10 instances in the Standard tier. Free tier is limited to a single instance. There are usage limits for each tier. For detailed information on usage and billing, see the Mobile Services pricing details.

Autoscale is available in Basic and Standard tiers. To display the autoscale settings, select one of these two tiers. With autoscale enabled, Microsoft Azure Mobile Services automatically adds role instances when your mobile service approaches a usage limit, up to the maximum number role instances that you specify. When autoscale is enabled, you specify an instance range by setting the starting and maximum number of instances. The following considerations apply when using autoscale:

  • When autoscale increases the number of role instances for a mobile service, you are billed for the highest number of role instances used in that day.

  • Autoscale resets the scale to the minimum role instance value after the beginning of a new UTC day.

  • Autoscale considers overall usage for the day against the quota for scale-up decisions. This means that autoscale is not intended to handle temporary spikes. You should choose the minimum number of role instances to cover short-duration spikes in usage.

  • Autoscale does not scale across tiers.


Because the Free tier doesn’t support autoscale, you should track your mobile service usage to make sure that you are not impacted by usage limits. Usage data for your mobile service is displayed on the Dashboard tab. For more information, see Monitor usage.

You can also scale the Microsoft Azure SQL Database instance used by the service. Web mode includes a 20 MB free database option. Each subscription can have only one free database instance at a time.

Billing is calculated on a daily basis, with the highest mode and number of instances used to determine the daily cost. To estimate the cost required to scale your mobile service, see the Mobile Services pricing calculator.