Increment Method (String, Int64, Int64, String)

Increments a long value stored in the cache in the specified region.

Namespace:  Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching
Assembly:  Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching.Client (in Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching.Client.dll)

Public Function Increment ( _
	key As String, _
	value As Long, _
	initialValue As Long, _
	region As String _
) As Long
Dim instance As DataCache
Dim key As String
Dim value As Long
Dim initialValue As Long
Dim region As String
Dim returnValue As Long

returnValue = instance.Increment(key, _
	value, initialValue, region)


Type: System..::..String
The key of the object stored in the cache. The object must be a long.
Type: System..::..Int64
The amount to increase the stored value.
Type: System..::..Int64
The initial value to use if the object does not exist in the cache.
Type: System..::..String
The user-defined region in which the object is stored.

Return Value

Type: System..::..Int64
Returns the incremented Int64 value.