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Step 6: Deploy the XML Request-Reply Bridge

Updated: May 27, 2015

This topic in the tutorial provides instructions on how to deploy the BizTalk Service project. We have already deployed the two relay services to the Service Bus.

  1. In Visual Studio, right-click the BizTalk Service solution, and select Build.

  2. After a successful build, right-click the solution name again, and then select Deploy to open the deployment dialog box. Enter the following properties:


    Property Name Description

    Deployment Endpoint

    A read-only field that displays the BizTalk Service URL and the default namespace specified in BizTalk Service project.

    Acs Namespace

    Enter the Access Control namespace for BizTalk Services.

    Issuer Name

    Enter the username who is the owner of the service namespace you specified, or has manage claims to the namespace. This property is required to authenticate the identity of the user to the Service Bus.

    Shared Secret

    Enter the secret key for authentication of the service namespace owner.

  3. Select Deploy. The Visual Studio Output pane displays the deployment progress and result. The URL where the XML bridge is deployed is also displayed in the Output pane.

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