Step 4: Add an FTP Source


Updated: December 3, 2015


Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services (MABS) is being retired, and replaced with Azure Logic Apps. If you currently use MABS, then Move from BizTalk Services to Logic Appsprovides some guidance on moving your integration solutions to Logic Apps.

If you're brand new to Logic Apps, then we suggest getting started here:

In this step, you add an FTP source to the BizTalk Service project. An FTP source component on the BizTalk Service project design surface represents a location on the FTP Server where Northwind Traders drops the flat-file message to send to Humongous Insurance.


The FTP Server from where a bridge picks a message must be in a public domain and must allow connections in either secure (SSL) or non-secure mode.

To add an FTP source

  1. In the BizTalk Service project, open the Bridge Configuration surface, right-click anywhere on Bridge Configuration surface, select Properties and update the BizTalk Service URL property to include your BizTalk Services name. This is the name that you provided in Azure classic portal while provisioning the BizTalk Services.

  2. From the Toolbox, drag and drop an FTP Source component onto the surface.

  3. Right-click the component and select Properties. The following table provides information about the properties:



    Content Encoding

    Specify the character encoding of the message. Default is UTF8. For this tutorial, retain the default.

    Content Type

    Specify Text or XML as the message file type. Default is Text. For this tutorial, retain the default.

    Entity Name

    Specify a unique and descriptive name of the FTP Source component. For this tutorial, specify ClaimsSource.

    File Mask

    Specify a File Mask to filter the messages pulled from the FTP server. For this tutorial, enter *.txt.

    Folder Path

    Specify the folder on the FTP server that contains the messages to retrieve. For this tutorial, Humongous Insurance pulls all the messages from a ReceiveFFMessage folder on the FTP server. Hence, enter ReceiveFFMessage.

    FTP Transfer Mode

    Specify Binary or ASCII as the mode of transfer. Default is Binary. For this tutorial, retain the default.

    Initial Status

    Specify Stop or Start for the FTP Source. Default is Start. For this tutorial, retain the default. If set to Start, the FTP Source component is started when the BizTalk Service project is deployed.


    If the initial status is set to Stop, you can set it to Start even after the project (which includes the bridge, artifacts, and the FTP source) has been deployed. BizTalk Services provides PowerShell cmdlets to start sources for a bridge. For more information, see Start-AzureBizTalkBridgeSource.


    Enter the username password that can retrieve files from the FTP server.

    Server Address

    Enter the name or IP address of the FTP server.

    Server Port

    Enter the FTP server port. Default is 21 and is typically used for FTP.

    Use SSL

    Select True if the connection to the FTP server must use SSL. For this tutorial, select False.


    Enter the username that can retrieve files from the FTP server.

  4. Save changes to the project.