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CloudMediaContext Properties

Updated: December 5, 2014

The CloudMediaContext type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property AccessPolicies Gets the collection of access policies in the system. (Overrides MediaContextBase.AccessPolicies.)
Public property Assets Gets the collection of assets in the system. (Overrides MediaContextBase.Assets.)
Public property ContentKeys Gets the collection of content keys in the system. (Overrides MediaContextBase.ContentKeys.)
Public property Credentials Gets the Microsoft Windows Azure Media Services credentials used for authenticating requests.
Public property DefaultStorageAccount Get the default storage account. (Overrides MediaContextBase.DefaultStorageAccount.)
Public property Files Gets the collection of files in the system. (Overrides MediaContextBase.Files.)
Public property IngestManifestAssets Gets the collection of manifest assets in the system (Overrides MediaContextBase.IngestManifestAssets.)
Public property IngestManifestFiles Gets the collection of manifest asset files in the system (Overrides MediaContextBase.IngestManifestFiles.)
Public property IngestManifests Gets the collection of bulk ingest manifests in the system. (Overrides MediaContextBase.IngestManifests.)
Public property Jobs Gets the collection of jobs available in the system. (Overrides MediaContextBase.Jobs.)
Public property JobTemplates Gets the collection of job templates available in the system. (Overrides MediaContextBase.JobTemplates.)
Public property Locators Gets the collection of locators in the system. (Overrides MediaContextBase.Locators.)
Public property MediaProcessors Gets the collection of media processors available in the system. (Overrides MediaContextBase.MediaProcessors.)
Public property MediaServicesClassFactory Gets or sets MediaServicesClassFactory. (Inherited from MediaContextBase.)
Public property NotificationEndPoints Gets the collection of notification endpoints (Overrides MediaContextBase.NotificationEndPoints.)
Public property NumberOfConcurrentTransfers Gest or sets the number of concurrent transfers. (Inherited from MediaContextBase.)
Public property ParallelTransferThreadCount Gest or sets the parallel transfer thread count. (Inherited from MediaContextBase.)
Public property StorageAccounts Gets a collection to operate on StorageAccounts associated with this context. (Overrides MediaContextBase.StorageAccounts.)
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