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How To: Delete a Service Bus Service Namespace

Updated: August 26, 2015

The following topic describes how to delete a service namespace from a Service Bus subscription.

  1. To delete a service namespace, in the list of namespaces select the service namespace you want to delete. To select the namespace, click anywhere to the right of the Namespace Name field (do not click on the name itself), then click Delete.

    Delete a service namespace

    Note that if you delete a service namespace, that name will become available for re-use within the same subscription after a few minutes. However, the name is blocked for re-use in any other subscription for 7 days. This enables you to delete a namespace and re-create it, while locking the name so that no one else can use it.

    If you want to use the namespace name in a different subscription, you can either wait for 7 days, or you can re-create the namespace under the old subscription and then create a support ticket to have that namespace moved to a different subscription.

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