Configuring EDI, AS2, and EDIFACT on BizTalk Services Portal


Updated: November 27, 2015

Lists an overview of the steps to configure Business to Business using the Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services Portal.

The Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services Portal used by your BizTalk Services applications is completely web-based.

  1. Log into the Azure Management Portal and provision a BizTalk Service. When the BizTalk Service is provisioned, opening the BizTalk Services Portal automatically registers you or your company as the service provider; which includes entering your BizTalk Service name, the Access Control Service (ACS) Issuer Name, and the ACS Issuer Key.

  2. Add your partners and profiles.

  3. Create an EDIFACT, X12, or AS2 agreement between the partners. Add the schemas to the agreement.

  4. Enable tracking.

These steps are described in the following links.