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Updated: February 12, 2014

This topic covers how to download a dataset from Windows Azure Marketplace (WAM) into Microsoft Excel 2010’s PowerPivot. The article assumes that you already have a Marketplace account and subscription to the dataset you want to import.


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Microsoft Excel 2010 (and later) PowerPivot add in enables powerful data analytics and reporting. Combining Marketplace data with the power of PowerPivot’s pivot tables you can gain new insights that you can use for a competitive advantage.

There are two ways to get your dataset from the Marketplace into PowerPivot:

  • While using Service Explorer in the Marketplace, you can export from Service Explorer to PowerPivot. The subject of this article.

  • While using Excel 2010, you can import from the Marketplace into PowerPivot (if you have the installed the Excel PowerPivot add-in). See the article Import Marketplace data into PowerPivot.

If PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel 2010 is not installed on your computer, go to the PowerPivot download site site and follow the instructions to install PowerPivot.

  1. Login to the Azure Marketplace (WAM) with your Windows account (formerly known as Live ID).

  2. Navigate to My Data | Datasets.

  3. Locate a dataset of interest.
    If you cannot find a dataset of interest among your subscriptions, click the Marketplace Data tab, then locate and subscribe to an interesting dataset.

  4. Click the data set’s name.

  1. On the dataset’s home page, click Explore This Dataset.

  2. If there are any required parameters, fill them in. (Figure 1.1)

  3. If there are any optional parameters, you can fill them in or leave them blank. (Figure 1.2)

  4. Click Apply. (Figure 1.3)

    Enter query parameters, then click Apply

    Figure 1: Query the dataset

  1. From the list of Download Options, select PowerPivot 2010. (Figure 2).

    Download to PowerPivot 2010

    Figure 2: Download options

  2. When prompted, click Open.

  3. On the Table Import Wizard paste in your Marketplace account key.
    If you need to find your account key, click Find, then copy the account key to your clipboard and paste it into the wizard.

  4. If you are on a computer that only you use, you can check the Save my account key checkbox.

  5. Click Next.

  6. If want to select the columns you import, click the Preview & Filter button and clear the checkbox for any column that you don’t want imported for analysis.

  7. Click Finish to import your data.

  8. After the data is completed, click Close.
    You can analyze the data using PowerPivot. For information on using PowerPivot see the videos at the PowerPivot download page, or search for “PowerPivot training” on

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