Windows Azure Active Directory Tenant Administration

Looking for information about how to administer your Windows Azure Active Directory tenant? If so, you can find the content you are looking for by jumping over to the Windows Azure AD Library on TechNet. Here you will find information about how to create and manage user accounts, set up directory integration and manage other identity and organization-specific data that is stored in your cloud directory tenant.

Not sure what a tenant is or how you would get one? We recommend that you read What is a Windows Azure AD tenant? or Sign up for Windows Azure as an organization to get you started on your way to using Windows Azure AD.

Once you have created one, you can use the Windows Azure Management Portal (just click Active Directory in the left-nav) to manage the users, domains, apps, and directory integration capabilities provided with your tenant. For more information, see Administering your Windows Azure AD tenant.

Below are a few links to common tenant admin tasks that may help you to quickly find the content you need in the TechNet library.

Additional tenant admin resources