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RoleEnvironmentGetConfigurationSetting Function
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RoleEnvironmentGetConfigurationSetting Function


Updated: July 24, 2015

Returns the value of the named configuration setting from the service configuration file.

STDAPI RoleEnvironmentGetConfigurationSettingValue(__in LPCTSTR roleSettingName,__out_ecount(cchDest) LPTSTR pszDest,__in size_t cchDest,__out_opt size_t *pcchRequiredDestSize);


Required. The name of the configuration setting to retrieve.


Required. Buffer to receive the value of the configuration setting.


Required. Maximum size of the pszDest buffer.


Optional. Contains the required size of the pszDest buffer if the current buffer is too small.

Use the SUCCEEDED macro to determine whether a call to the RoleEnvironmentGetConfigurationSettingValue function has succeeded or failed.

If the call fails due to the value of cchDest being too small, the RoleEnvironmentGetConfigurationSettingValue function returns the ROLEENVIRONMENT_E_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER constant.

For more information, see Return Codes.


Header File


Import Library

<Azure SDK installation directory>\lib\x64\mswar.lib

<Azure SDK installation directory>\lib\x86\mswar.lib

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