RoleEnvironmentGetLocalResource Function


Updated: July 24, 2015

Returns a pointer to the local store resource named in the service definition file.

STDAPI RoleEnvironmentGetLocalResource(__in LPCTSTR localResourceName,__deref_out LPLOCALRESOURCE* ppout);


Required. The name of the local store resource.


Required. A pointer to the local store resource.

Use the SUCCEEDED macro to determine whether a call to the RoleEnvironmentGetLocalResource function has succeeded or failed. For more information, see Return Codes.

The name specified for the localResourceName parameter uniquely identifies the pointer returned in ppout as long as the process is running. It is not necessary to deallocate memory used by ppout.

Header File


Import Library

<Azure SDK installation directory>\lib\x64\mswasr.lib

<Azure SDK installation directory>\lib\x86\mswasr.lib