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NavigateAndFind Method

Navigates to the specified URL and selects the specified text.

Navigates to the specified URL and selects the specified text.


external.NavigateAndFind(sLocation, sQuery, sTargetFrame)


sLocation Required. A String that specifies the URL of a Web page.
sQuery Required. A String that specifies the text to highlight on the Web page specified by sLocation.
sTargetFrame Required. String that specifies the name of the target frame to query.

Return Value

No return value.


This method requires a full qualified path, including a location prefix, for example, http://, c:\, and so on.

The target frame argument might be empty.

This method is not supported in Introduction to HTML Applications (HTAs).

This method requires a user-initiated action to open a pop-up window, such as clicking on a link, or tabbing to a link and pressing enter. The Pop-up Blocker feature in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 blocks windows that open without being initiated by the user.


This example uses the NavigateAndFind method to search for a word or phrase on another page.

function fnNAF(){
<SELECT id=oSearchText onchange="fnNAF()">
<OPTION>Seattle rain
<OPTION;> ...

Code example: http://samples.msdn.microsoft.com/workshop/samples/author/dhtml/refs/NavigateAndFind.htm

Standards Information

There is no public standard that applies to this method.

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