Internet Component Download

Note  Open Software Description (OSD) and Channel Definition Format (CDF) are obsolete as of Windows Internet Explorer 7 and should not be used. A signed .cab file and information (INF) file or .exe is still the preferred method of downloading components from the Internet.

Microsoft Internet Component Download (MSICD) is a system service for downloading and installing software from Web sites on the Internet and intranets. This section contains a list of articles available for MSICD.


Internet Component Download

This section contains the overviews and tutorials available for MSICD.

Microsoft Internet Component Download Reference

This MSICD reference contains all the elements defined by the Msicd.dtd file. These elements are used to describe distribution units in OSD files.




Launches a section of an information (INF) file.


Executes an install section in an INF file, or execute a program. Supports advanced INF files.