Introduction to the Hit Logging API

Obsolete. The Channel Definition Format (CDF) files allow content providers to determine which hits get logged for the items included in the CDF file. These logs are posted to the server during a scheduled update and cleared. This API allows developers to verify if hit logging is enabled and write customized entries in the log.

Note   This functionality has been removed from Windows Internet Explorer 7 and later.

About Logging

The logs that are created contain the URL of the resource, the browsing context, whether the information was viewed from the cache, date viewed, time that the viewing started, duration it was viewed, and the custom information. Only the browsing context (normal browser window, theater view, Microsoft Active Desktop Item, or Windows Internet Explorer screen saver) cannot be set by the WriteHitLogging function.

For more information about logging, see Page-Hit Logging in the About Active Channel Features documentation.

Reference Links

The following functions and structures comprise the Hit Logging API. To use these functions, make sure the Urlmon.h header file is in the include directory, and the Urlmon.lib library file is in the library directory of the C/C++ compiler you use.

IsLoggingEnabled Determines if hit logging is enabled for the specified Internet site.
WriteHitLogging Writes an entry into the log for the given resource.
HIT_LOGGING_INFO Contains the information to write into a hit log.