Visual C# Samples

You can access sample code in two ways:

  • Browse the sample abstracts in this section. Each abstract contains a link to open or copy the sample's files. For help on locating a particular sample, see Finding a Sample.
  • Browse the Visual C# samples directory structure on the product CD or DVD (Samples\vcsharp).

In This Section

General Samples
Provides links to samples that use Visual Studio project templates and designers and demonstrate different kinds of applications such as Windows Forms and Web Forms.
Tutorial Samples
Provides links to samples that are used in the C# tutorials.
Cross-Language Samples
Provide links to samples that demonstrate cross-language interoperability between Visual C# and Visual C++.
QuickStarts and Other Samples
Provide an overview and installation procedure of many more samples which cover the most compelling features of the .Net Framework technology.

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