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CultureInfo.Name Property

CultureInfo.Name Property

The culture name from the System.Globalization.CultureInfo class. This property is optional if you use the Lcid property. The default value for the Name property is en-US (English—United States).

Public Name As System.String


public System.String Name;


  • If you use both the Name property and the Lcid property, they must refer to the same country\ region; otherwise, a SOAP fault is returned.

  • If the value of the Name property is not supported for the DataSource object specified in a call to MapPoint Web Service, a SOAP fault is returned.

    For more information about valid values for Name, see Supported Languages.


[Visual Basic]

' Set the Find Service language to French
Dim myCultureInfo As New CultureInfo()
myCultureInfo.Name = "fr"
Dim myUserInfoFindHeader As New UserInfoFindHeader()
myUserInfoFindHeader.Culture = myCultureInfo
findService.UserInfoFindHeaderValue = myUserInfoFindHeader


// Set the Find Service language to French
CultureInfo myCultureInfo = new CultureInfo();
myCultureInfo.Name = "fr";
UserInfoFindHeader myUserInfoFindHeader = new UserInfoFindHeader();
myUserInfoFindHeader.Culture = myCultureInfo;
findService.UserInfoFindHeaderValue = myUserInfoFindHeader;

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