Log Files Used During Installation

Log Files Used During Installation

SQL Server 2000

Reporting Services Setup creates two logs files during installation: one for the bootstrapper and one for the Setup .msi. files. When Setup fails, a Watson error reporting .cab file is generated, and it contains the two log files.

The CAB file is located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\RS Setup Bootstrap\Log\RSSTP_.CAB. The .CAB file contains both the bootstrapper log file, and the Windows installer log file.

Bootstrapper Log File

The bootstrapper log file is called RSSTP<integer>.log, where <integer> is increased by one until the file name is unique. The newest log file has the highest number. The log file is not localized. The following table describes the minimal entries contained in the bootstrapper log file.

Log element name Output Description
Startup message Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Setup beginning at DayOfWeek Month Day Time Year Provides the time and date Setup was executed. Time is given in 24-hour notation.
Function start <Func Name='function name'> The name of each function when it is entered.
Function end <EndFunc Name='function name' Return='Int return code' GetLastError='Int return error code'> The name of each function when it exits and a status code.
Prerequisite <Prerequisite Name= Prerequisite name' Return='FOUND' | 'MISSING'> The name of the prerequisite and whether it was found or missing.

Functions executed by the bootstrapper can write additional information to the log file as needed to provide status on actions that are being taken.

Windows Installer Log File

The Windows Installer log file records all actions taken by the Setup MSI. The log file is written in the standard Windows Installer logging format.

The Setup MSI log file is called RSMSI<integer>.log, where <integer> is increased by one until a unique filename is achieved.

Watson Error Support

Reporting Services Setup is integrated with Watson error reporting. If Setup fails, Reporting Services uses the Watson error libraries to generate a .cab file containing information that is required to diagnose the error. The following information is included in the .cab file:

  • Bootstrapper log file
  • Windows Installer log file
  • Any log file generated by the installation of an external component for which a merge module was not provided
  • A readme file generated dynamically, in HTML format, containing a summary of the files that are included. For each file, the readme specifies the original location, the name of the product that created the file, and a link to the file itself
  • Event viewer entries that are related to Setup
  • Output of version and prerequisite checking performed by the bootstrapper

The .cab file is named RSSTP_.CAB, and is written to the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\RS Setup Bootstrap\Log directory.

If Setup fails, the Watson Error dialog box appears, and you can submit the error to Microsoft over the Internet.

Additional log files are created by the report server to record information about server operations and status. For more information on these log files, see Checking Reporting Services Log Files.

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