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Programming Analysis Services Applications

SQL Server 2000

Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Analysis Services provides support for you to create and integrate custom applications that enhance your online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining installation.

Analysis Services includes the Analysis server and PivotTable® Service. The Analysis server manages and stores multidimensional information and serves client application requests for OLAP data. PivotTable Service is an OLE DB for OLAP provider that connects client applications to the Analysis server and manages offline cubes. A repository of meta data contains definitions of OLAP data objects such as cubes and their elements.

An object model, Decision Support Objects (DSO), provides support for the Analysis Manager user interface and for custom applications that manage OLAP meta data and control the server. An interface, IOlapAddIn, enables your applications to extend and interact with the user interface. PivotTable Service provides access to OLAP data from the server and the ability to create local cubes.

You can create applications that:

  • Manage the Analysis server and create and maintain OLAP and data mining objects such as cubes, dimensions, security roles, and data mining models.

  • Extend the user interface by adding new objects to the object tree pane and by adding and responding to new menu choices.

  • Connect to the Analysis server, query data in cubes, and create local cubes.

  • Combine any or all of these functions.

This section contains the following topics.

Topic Description
Analysis Services Architecture Information about the architecture of Analysis Services and its components
Analysis Services Component Tools Information about the tools in Analysis Services that you can use to create administrative support applications and client data access applications
SQL in Analysis Services Details of the implementation of SQL in Analysis Services
Decision Support Objects Information about the Analysis Services server object model, the component tool for managing OLAP, and data mining objects
Add-ins Information about the IOlapAddIn interface you can use in your applications to interact with the Analysis Manager user interface
PivotTable Service Information about the client application service you can use with applications that query OLAP and data mining data and create local cubes and mining models
Analysis Services Programming Samples Information about the samples that illustrate development of applications for Analysis Services

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