IGroup Interface

A collection of contacts with additional properties for identifying the contact collection by a collective group name.

Namespace:  UCCollaborationLib
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Uc (in Microsoft.Office.Uc.dll)

interface IGroup : IContactCollection

IGroup provides a set of attributes that can be attributed to an individual collection of contacts as a whole. Groups are defined and maintained by Communicator. An instance of IGroup corresponds to a grouping of contacts displayed in Communicator's UI. Except for custom groups (ICustomGroup), group membership and name cannot be changed programmatically. To determine if an action can be performed on a group, call into CanInvoke and pass an enumerator from the GroupAction enumeration. The interface identifier (IID) of this interface is f97973d7-9436-4a3e-a802-f6ea172a0425.

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