IContactSubscription Interface

Describes a list of subscribed contacts and the subscribed contact's presence information of interest.

Namespace:  UCCollaborationLib
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Uc (in Microsoft.Office.Uc.dll)

interface IContactSubscription : IDispatch

The IContactSubscription interface allows you to specify the contacts that you receive presence information updates for and the type of presence information that triggers a notification. For example, you add the contact alice@contoso.com to the collection of contacts on IContactSubscription and then add ContactInformationType.ucPresencePersonalNote to the collection of presence items types of interest. When alice updates her personal note, the IContact.OnContactInformationChanged event is raised on the IContact instance for alice@contoso.com. You continue to receive event notifications of changes to alice's personal note until alice is removed from the subscription or you remove the ContactInformationType.ucPresencePersonalNote enumerator from the subscription. Subscriptions do not persist across sessions in Lync. A subscription must be renewed when the local user signs in to Lync. To add members of a group to a subscription, you must iterate on the group as IContactCollection and individually add each contact to an array of IContact and then add the array to the subscription by calling into AddContacts and passing the contact array. The interface identifier (IID) of this interface is 95b8d3e8-f3d5-4dc0-bcfe-ab80c835dea0.

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