This section contains the HTML5 Canvas object reference documentation.

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Provides an object that is used for drawing, rendering, and manipulating images and graphics on a document.


Specifies an object that represents a color gradient fillStyle on a CanvasRenderingContext2D object.


Provides an object that can represent a rectangle of pixels of a given width and height in CSS pixels.


Provides an object that contains a pattern for a canvas fill style by using an image or portion of an image.


Object returned by the data property of a CanvasImageData. Provides indexed access to color and alpha values (RGBA) of pixels for CanvasImageData objects.


Provides an object that represents a two-dimensional surface that has an origin (0,0) at the upper-left corner, with x-coordinates increasing as you move right and y-coordinates increasing as you move down.


Provides an object that contains the width attribute that the measureText method sets.


Note  If you are developing on an intranet and have rendering issues for HTML5, you can add a "meta http-equiv-'X-UA-Compatible' content= " meta command, followed by "IE=edge" to the <head> block of a webpage to force Windows Internet Explorer to use the latest standards. For more information about document compatibility, see Defining Document Compatibility.