Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA)

In order to allow assistive technologies to convey appropriate information to persons with disabilities, web content requires semantic information about controls, structures, and behaviors. The Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) specification helps to define accessible user interface elements by providing an set of roles, states, and properties that can be used to improve the accessibility and interoperability of web content and applications. These semantics are designed to allow an author to properly convey user interface behaviors and structural information to assistive technologies in document-level markup.


ariaActivedescendant Sets or retrieves the currently active child element.
ariaAutocomplete Indicates whether user input completion suggestions are provided.
ariaBusy Sets or retrieves a value indicating whether a live region is finished updating.
ariaChecked Sets or retrieves the checked state of this element.
ariaControls Sets or retrieves the list of elements that are controlled by the current element.
ariaDescribedby Sets or retrieves a list of elements that describe the current object.
ariaDisabled Sets or retrieves the disabled state of this element.
ariaDropeffect Indicates what functions can be performed when the dragged object is released on the drop target.
ariaExpanded Sets or retrieves the expanded state of this element.

Specifies the id of the next element or elements in an alternative reading order.

This property is not supported for Windows Store apps using JavaScript.

ariaGrabbed Indicates the state of an element that's been selected in a drag-and-drop operation.

Indicates whether this element may display a pop-up window.

This property is not supported for Windows Store apps using JavaScript.

ariaHidden Sets or retrieves the hidden state of this element.
ariaInvalid Sets or retrieves the error state of this element.
ariaLabel Defines a string value that labels the current element. See also aria-labelledby.
ariaLabelledby Sets or retrieves a list of elements that provide a label for the current object.
ariaLevel Sets or retrieves the level of this element.
ariaMultiline Indicates whether a text box accepts multiple lines of input or only a single line.
ariaMultiselectable Sets or retrieves the multiple-selection state of this element.
ariaOrientation Indicates whether the element and orientation is horizontal or vertical.
ariaOwns Sets or retrieves a list of child objects, including elements that are not direct descendants of the current object.
ariaPosinset Sets or retrieves the current position of an item within a set.
ariaPressed Sets or retrieves the pressed state of a button that can be toggled.
ariaReadonly Sets or retrieves the read-only state of this element.
ariaRelevant Sets or retrieves which changes to a live region are relevant.
ariaRequired Sets or retrieves the form-completion requirement of this element.
ariaSecret Sets or retrieves the secret state of this element.
ariaSelected Sets or retrieves the selection state of this element.
ariaSetsize Sets or retrieves the set size of this element.
ariaSort Indicates whether items in a table or grid are sorted in ascending or descending order.
ariaValuemax Sets or retrieves the maximum value that a user can provide.
ariaValuemin Sets or retrieves the minimum value that a user can provide.
ariaValuenow Sets or retrieves the current value of the element.
ariaValuetext Defines the human-readable text alternative of aria-valuenow for a range control.
xmsAriaFlowFrom Specifies the id of the previous element in an alternative reading order.

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