default attribute | default property

Gets or sets the default timed text track to use when multiple track elements are specified for a video element.

This property is read/write.

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<element default="default" ... >


object.default = default
default = object.default


Property values

Type: boolean

Standards information


This property defines whether the TextTrack is the default for a given video element. The presence of the default attribute, regardless of assigned value, in the track element equals true.

If no default is specified, no text track will be displayed with the video. Any track can be selected using the default attribute. If more than one track has the default attribute, the first track with the attribute will be default, and the others will be ignored.

Note  To create timed text files in both Web Video Text Track (WebVTT) and Timed Text Markup Language (TTML) formats, see HTML5 Video Caption Maker on the Windows Internet Explorer test drive site.


The following example shows a video element with three text tracks. The English track is the default.

<video id="video1" controls>
<source src="video.mp4">
  <!-- The English text track is used by default -->
  <track id="entrack" label="English subtitles" kind="captions" src="entrack.vtt" srclang="en" default>
  <track id="sptrack" label="Spanish subtitles" kind="captions" src="estrack.vtt" srclang="es">
  <track id="detrack" label="German subtitles" kind="captions" src="detrack.vtt" srclang="es">
  HTML5 Video not supported 

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