Application Cache API

Internet Explorer 10 and Windows Store appsusing JavaScript support the Application Cache API (or AppCache), as defined in the HTML5 specification, which enables the creation of offline web apps. AppCache allows webpages to cache (or save) resources locally, including images, script libraries, style sheets, and so on. In addition, AppCache allows URLs to be served from cached content using standard Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) notation. By using AppCache to save resources locally, you improve the performance of a webpage by reducing the number of requests made to the hosting server; you also enable offline access to cached resources.

To cache resources locally:

  • Create a manifest file that defines the resources you want to save.
  • Reference the manifest file in each webpage designed to use cached resources.

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This section describes the methods associated with the AppCache API.


This section describes the objects associated with the AppCache API.

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This section describes the properties and events associated with the AppCache API.