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Visual Studio 2005

Visual J# is a tool that Java-language programmers can use to build applications and services to run on the .NET Framework.

Visual J# targets the common language runtime (CLR) and can be used to develop .NET Framework applications, including XML Web services and Web applications, making full use of the .NET Framework. Visual J# applications benefit from the following:

  • Cross-language integration.

  • Enhanced security.

  • Versioning and deployment support.

  • Debugging and profiling services.


    You can use Visual Studio® to debug your Java-language applications, even if you do not have Visual J# installed on your computer.

The default source file extension in Visual J# is .jsl. Visual J# includes the following:

  • The Visual J# compiler, which compiles Java-language sources to Microsoft® intermediate language (MSIL). For more information, see Visual J# Compiler Options.

  • A binary converter that transforms Java-language bytecode into MSIL. For more information, see Visual J# Binary Converter Tool.

  • Independently developed class libraries designed to provide the functionality equivalent to most JDK level 1.1.4 class libraries and equivalent to many of the classes in the JDK 1.2 java.util package specified in College Board's Advanced Placement curriculum for Computer Science. For more information, see Class Library Support and Visual J# Class Library.

  • Compatibility with Windows® Foundation Classes (WFC) and many of the com.ms.* packages. For more information, see Supported Class Libraries.

  • The Visual J# compiler can only create 32-bit applications in Visual Studio 2005. When run on a 64-bit Windows operating system, an application compiled with Microsoft Visual J# 2005 will run under WOW64 (Windows on Windows64). For more information on 64-bit applications, see 64-bit Applications.

However, Visual J#:

  • Does not compile Java-language source code to Java-language bytecode, that is, .class files.

  • Does not support the ability to create applications that will run on a Java Virtual Machine.

  • Does not support Java Native Interface (JNI), Raw Native Interface (RNI), and Remote Method Invocation (RMI).

Microsoft Visual J# 2005 is not used for developing applications intended to run on a Java Virtual Machine. Applications and services built with Visual J# will run only on the .NET Framework. Visual J# has been independently developed by Microsoft. It is not endorsed or approved by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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