Using Serial.sys and Serenum.sys

Starting with Windows 2000, the following system components are available for use with serial controller devices that have hardware interfaces that are compatible with the 16550 universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter (UART):

  • Ports device setup class

    The Ports class includes serial ports and COM ports. A serial port is a serial communication hardware interface on a 16550 UART or compatible device. An RS-232 port on a computer is typically a DB-9 or DB-25 connector that is electrically connected to the serial port on a UART. A COM port is a serial port that complies with additional Windows-specific requirements. For more information, see Configuration of COM Ports.

  • COM port device interface class

    You must use a COM port device interface to access a COM port. (The GUID for the COM port device interface class is GUID_DEVINTERFACE_COMPORT.)

  • COM port database and COM port database support routines

    The COM port database arbitrates the use of COM port numbers by COM ports.

For information about installing serial devices, see Installing Serial Devices.

For general information about the high-level operation of a serial device, see the information about the communications resources that are supported by the Windows Base Services in the Microsoft Windows SDK.

Serial driver samples

These samples demonstrates serial drivers.



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