Debugging Tools for Windows: New for Windows 8

Beginning with Windows 8, you can develop, build, and debug both kernel-mode and user-mode components all from Microsoft Visual Studio. There is added support for debugging over a network connection or a USB 3.0 connection and improved support for debugging optimized code and inline functions. For more information, see these topics:

Two new sets of debugger extension commands are included:

In Windows 8, you can use the Windows debugger to debug Windows Store apps. The Debugging Tools for Windows package includes a new tool, PLMDebug.exe, that enables you to take manual control of suspending, resuming, debugging, and terminating Windows Store apps.

The Windows 8 Debugging Tools for Windows package does not support Windows 2000.

Sos.dll is a component that is used for debugging managed code. The Windows 8 Debugging Tools for Windows package does not include any version of sos.dll. For information about how to get sos.dll, see Getting the SOS Debugging Extension (sos.dll)

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