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WinJS.UI.Animation.dragBetweenLeave function

Applies to Windows and Windows Phone

Performs an animation when a dragged object is moved away from items that it had previously involved in a dragBetweenEnter animation. The affected objects are animated back to their original positions.

The following video demonstrates the drag animations:


WinJS.UI.Animation.dragBetweenLeave(target).done( /* Your success and error handlers */ );



Type: Object

Element or elements that the dragged object would no longer cause to be displaced, due to its moving away. This should be the same element or element collection passed as the target parameter in the dragBetweenEnter animation.

Return value

Type: Promise

An object that completes when the animation is finished.


The target parameter can be expressed in several ways:

  • As the special value "undefined", which means that the animation has no such target
  • As a single object
  • As a JavaScript array (possibly empty), in which each element of the array can be a single element or a JavaScript array of elements.
  • As a NodeList (for example, the result of querySelectorAll)
  • As an HTMLCollection


Minimum WinJS version

WinJS 1.0



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