Features and capabilities of System Center Configuration Manager


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The following table provides details about the primary management capabilities of System Center Configuration Manager. Each capability has its own prerequisitesThe capabilities that you want to use might influence the design and implementation of your Configuration Manager hierarchy For example, if you want to deploy software to devices in your hierarchy, you must install the distribution point site system role.Management capabilityDescriptionMore informationApplication managementProvides a set of tools and resources that can help you create, manage, deploy, and monitor applications to a range of different devices that you manage. Additionally, Configuration Manager provides you with tools that help you protect your company data in apps in user's apps.Deploy and manage applications with Configuration Manager Company resource accessProvides a set of tools and resources that enable you to give users in your organization access to data and applications from remote locations. These tools include Wi-Fi- profiles, VPN profiles, Certificate profiles, and conditional access to Exchange and SharePoint online. </TD> <TD> <para> <link xlink:href="2117f786-d521-4790-9e8d-ec096c63c9d7">Protect data and site infrastructure</link></para> <para><link xlink:href="76d86613-b87f-4fe5-9236-a573e00b613a">Conditional Access in Configuration Manager</link></para></TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para> <ui>Compliance settings</ui> </para> </TD> <TD> <para>Provides a set of tools and resources that can help you to assess, track, and remediate the configuration compliance of client devices in the enterprise.</para> <para>Additionally, you can use compliance settings to configure a range of features and security settings on devices you manage.</para></TD> <TD> <para> <link xlink:href="7568c9aa-b99e-4466-bfc8-0301aa376930">Ensure device compliance with Configuration Manager</link> </para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para> <ui>Endpoint Protection</ui> </para> </TD> <TD> <para>Provides security, antimalware, and Windows Firewall management for computers in your enterprise.</para> </TD> <TD> <para> <link xlink:href="76c90f64-d729-456b-8304-01852cd66fb6">Endpoint Protection in Configuration Manager</link> </para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para> <ui>Inventory</ui> </para> </TD> <TD> <para>Provides a set of tools to help identify and monitor assets:</para> <para> <ui>Hardware inventory</ui>: Collects detailed information about the hardware of devices in your enterprise. </para><para> <ui>Software inventory</ui>: Collects and reports information about the files that are stored on client computers in your organization. </para><para> <ui>Asset Intelligence</ui>: Provides tools to collect inventory data and to monitor software license usage in your enterprise. </para> </TD> <TD> <para>See the following documentation:</para> <para> <link xlink:href="3969952e-9d05-49c9-82a2-e7e90ccef511">Introduction to Hardware Inventory in Configuration Manager</link> </para><para> <link xlink:href="79eb49da-cd2b-4ffc-b355-b595aeba3aea">Introduction to Software Inventory in Configuration Manager</link> </para><para> <link xlink:href="0bdfdef5-390f-4099-8bde-de51d9a89175">Introduction to Asset Intelligence in Configuration Manager</link> </para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para> <ui> Mobile device management with Microsoft IntuneYou can use Configuration Manager to manage iOS, Android (including Samsung KNOX), Windows Phone and Windows devices using the Microsoft Intune service over the Internet. Although you use the Intune service, management tasks are completed by using the service connection point site system role available through the Configuration Manager console. Managing mobile devices with System Center Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune On-premises Mobile Device ManagementEnrolls and manages PCs and mobile devices using the on-premises Configuration Manager infrastructure and management functionality built into the device platforms (instead of relying on a separately installed Configuration Manager client). Currently supports managing Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Mobile devices. On-premises Mobile Device Management with System Center Configuration ManagerOperating system deploymentProvides a tool to create operating system images. You can then use these images to deploy them to computers that are managed by Configuration Manager and to unmanaged computers, by using PXE boot or bootable media such as a CD set, DVD, or USB flash drives. Introduction to operating system deployment Power managementProvides a set of tools and resources that you can use to manage and monitor the power consumption of client computers in the enterprise.Introduction to Power Management in Configuration Manager QueriesProvides a tool to retrieve information about resources in your hierarchy and information about inventory data and status messages. You can then use this information for reporting or for defining collections of devices or users for software deployment and configuration settings.Introduction to Queries in Configuration Manager Remote connection profilesProvides a set of tools and resources to help you to create, deploy and monitor remote connection settings to devices in your organization. By deploying these settings, you minimize the end-user effort required to connect to their computer on the corporate network.Working with remote connection profiles in Configuration Manager User data and profiles configuration itemsUser data and profiles configuration items in Configuration Manager contain settings that can manage folder redirection, offline files and roaming profiles on computers that run Windows 8 and later for users in your hierarchy. Working with user data and profiles configuration items in Configuration ManagerRemote controlProvides tools to remotely administer client computers from the Configuration Manager console. Introduction to Remote Control in Configuration Manager ReportingProvides a set of tools and resources that help you use the advanced reporting capabilities of SQL Server Reporting Services from the Configuration Manager console. Introduction to Reporting in Configuration Manager Software meteringProvides tools to monitor and collect software usage data from Configuration Manager clients. Monitor app usage with software metering in Configuration Manager Software updatesProvides a set of tools and resources that can help you manage, deploy, and monitor software updates in the enterprise.Introduction to software updates For more information about how to plan and install Configuration Manager to support these management capabilities in your environment, see Get ready for Configuration Manager. Introduction to System Center Configuration Manager