Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Facets 네임스페이스
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Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Facets 네임스페이스

The Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Facets namespace contains classes that represent the SQL Server policy-based management facet objects.

The Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Facets namespace contains classes that support policy-based management objects in the Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Dmf namespace.

Facets are a set of logical properties that model the behavior or characteristics of certain types of managed targets.

The number and characteristics of the properties are built into the facet and can be added or removed by only the maker of the facet. For example, Database Mail is a property of the Surface Area Configuration facet that applies to SQL Server 2005 and later versions.

공용 클래스EvaluationModeAttributeEvaluationModeAttribute 클래스에는 정책 기반 관리에서 평가 모드에 연결된 특성이 포함되어 있습니다.
공용 클래스FacetEvaluationContextThe FacetEvaluationContext class represents the evaluation context for a facet in policy-based management.
공용 클래스FacetRepositoryThe FacetRepository class represents a store of Policy-Based Management facets.
공용 클래스PropertySourceSubObjectTypeAttributeThe PropertySourceSubObjectTypeAttribute class contains the represents the attribute that is attached to the property source sub-object type in policy-based management.
공용 클래스StateChangeEventAttributeThe StateChangeEventAttribute class contains the attribute that is attached to the state change event in policy-based management.

공용 인터페이스IDmfAdapterAn interface that represents an adapter in Policy-Based Management.
공용 인터페이스IDmfObjectInfoAn interface that represents object information in Policy-Based Management.

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