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Microsoft Advertising Platform

Microsoft Advertising Services

The Microsoft advertising platform provides you with programmatic access to various advertising technologies. The advertising technologies in the following table are provided.

Bing Ads APIThe Bing Ads API enables you to programmatically access a subset of the search advertising features that are available to users of the Bing Ads web application. For example you can use the API to create accounts, campaigns, ads, and keywords. You can also research historical and suggested keyword bids, and get performance reports that can be used to optimize your campaigns.
System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

Microsoft also provides client APIs for displaying banner and video interstitial ads in your apps for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.x. These APIs are available in the Microsoft Store Engagement and Monetization SDK. For more information, see the Microsoft Store Engagement and Monetization SDK documentation on Windows Dev Center.