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Windows.Networking.Connectivity Namespace

설정된 네트워크 연결에 대한 연결, 사용 및 데이터 계획 정보를 제공하는 연결 프로필을 검색합니다. 이 데이터는 연결된 응용 프로그램이 어려운 네트워크 시나리오에서 작동하거나 네트워크 공급자가 설정한 데이터 계획 제한을 준수하는 경우 적절한 조치를 수행하는 데 사용될 수 있습니다.


Windows.Networking.ConnectivityNamespace에는 다음과 같은 형식의 멤버가 있습니다.


Windows.Networking.ConnectivityNamespace에는 다음과 같은 클래스가 있습니다.

CellularApnContext This class contains properties used to specify an Access Point Name (APN) for a 3GPP based cellular Data Connection (PDP context).
ConnectionCost Provides access to property values that indicate the current cost of a network connection.
ConnectionProfile Represents a network connection, which includes either the currently connected network or prior network connections. Provides information about the connection status and connectivity statistics.
ConnectionProfileFilter The ConnectionProfileFilter class defines a set of properties that are used to improve the relevance of FindConnectionProfilesAsync results.
ConnectionSession The ConnectionSession class is used to represent a connection to an access point established with AcquireConnectionAsync.
ConnectivityInterval Provides the start time and duration for an established or prior connection.
ConnectivityManager Methods defined by the ConnectivityManager class enable enforcement of traffic routing on a specific network adapter for the specified destination suffix.
DataPlanStatus Represents the current status information for the data plan associated with a connection.
DataPlanUsage Represents data plan specific data usage information for a connection.
DataUsage Represents data usage information returned by the ConnectionProfile.GetLocalUsage method.
IPInformation Represents the association between an IP address and an adapter on the network.
LanIdentifier Represents physical identification data for a specific NetworkAdapter object.
LanIdentifierData Represents the port specific data that enables LAN locality capabilities.
NetworkAdapter Represents a network adapter.
NetworkInformation Provides access to network connection information for the local machine.
NetworkItem Represents a connected network.
NetworkSecuritySettings Represents the current network security settings.
NetworkStateChangeEventDetails Indicates which properties of a network have changed after a network state change background trigger.
NetworkUsage Represents network usage statistics returned by the ConnectionProfile.GetNetworkUsageAsync method.
ProxyConfiguration Represents the proxy configuration for the current user.
RoutePolicy The RoutePolicy class is used to represent the traffic routing policy for a special PDP Context/APN .
WlanConnectionProfileDetails Used to access information specific to a WLAN connection.
WwanConnectionProfileDetails Used to access information specific to a WWAN connection.



Windows.Networking.ConnectivityNamespace에는 다음과 같은 대리자가 있습니다.

NetworkStatusChangedEventHandler Represents the method that handles network status change notifications. This method is called when any properties exposed by the NetworkInformation object changes while the app is active.



Windows.Networking.ConnectivityNamespace에는 다음과 같은 열거형이 있습니다.

CellularApnAuthenticationType Defines values that indicate the authentication type used for a APN. These values are referenced when providing APN details using a CellularApnContext object.
DataUsageGranularity Defines levels of granularity used when retrieving data usage statistics with GetNetworkUsageAsync
DomainConnectivityLevel Defines the domain authentication status for a network connection.
NetworkAuthenticationType Defines values that indicate the type of authentication used by the network.
NetworkConnectivityLevel Defines the level of connectivity currently available.
NetworkCostType Defines the network cost types.
NetworkEncryptionType Defines values that indicate the type of encryption used for authentication.
NetworkTypes Defines the network connection types.
RoamingStates Defines the roaming states.
TriStates Used with the NetworkUsageStates structure to define the desired roaming state and shared state of a network connection.
WwanDataClass Defines values used to indicate the class of data service provided by a WWAN network connection.
WwanNetworkRegistrationState Defines the network registration states for a WWAN connection.



Windows.Networking.ConnectivityNamespace에는 다음과 같은 구조체가 있습니다.

NetworkUsageStates Defines the desired state of the connection profile for which usage data is returned by the method GetNetworkUsageAsync.


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