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Visual Studio Team Edition for Testers

Visual Studio Team Edition for Testers includes a suite of test tools that are integrated closely with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005; they work not only in their own testing framework, but also within a larger framework of software life cycle tools.

Team Edition for Testers lets you create, manage, edit, and run tests, and also obtain and store test results. Several test types, including unit, Web, load, and manual tests, in addition to the measurement of code coverage, are integrated into Visual Studio 2008. In this section, you will learn how to extend Team Edition for Testers to add new test types.

Sample Project

The Visual Studio 2008 SDK contains a sample of a test type. The sample contains a solution named MyTestSample. MyTestSample contains two projects, MyTest and MyTestUI.

To access the sample, click Start, point to All Programs, Visual Studio 2005 SDK, <year and month>, click Visual Studio Team System Integration, and then open the Test Tool Extensibility folder. Within that folder, locate the file Extensibility and extract it onto your computer.

Within the Extensibility Sample folder hierarchy, you will find a readme.txt file that contains information about how to install and loading the sample. You will also find the file MyTestSample.sln, which you can double-click to open the MyTestSample solution and view the source files of the sample test type.

Creating Custom Test Types in Visual Studio Team System

Discusses how to develop new test types that integrate with Visual Studio Team System.

Creating and Using Host Adapters

Describes how to create and install a host adapter, which is a software component that lets you run tests in a specific environment. Also describes how to specify a host adapter for running tests.