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Visual Studio Development Environment SDK

The Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) provides the user interface (UI) for standard components, such as compilers, editors, and debuggers. Features like Visual C++ and Visual Basic that are included with Visual Studio are themselves extensions of the IDE. The Visual Studio Develpment Environment SDK provides documentation, sample code, and wizards that help you develop your own applications that extend the IDE and integrate seamlessly into it.

Getting Started with the Visual Studio Development Environment SDK

Provides an overview of the Visual Studio Development Environment SDK.

Visual Studio Integration Architecture

Describes Visual Studio and its IDE, and introduces strategies and techniques for extending the IDE.

User Interfaces

Explains how to use Visual Studio services to create UI elements that match the rest of Visual Studio.

Projects and Solutions

Describes how to use Visual Studio projects and solutions to organize code files and resource files, and how to implement source control.

Language Services

Describes how you can add support for a new programming language to Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Debugger Extensibility

Describes how you can support debugging for a custom language.

Data Designer Extensibility (DDEX) SDK

Provides documentation, samples, and resources to help you implement a DDEX provider for exposing third-party data source objects in Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Integration Samples

Contains summaries of samples and instructions about how to open them.


Contains summaries of videos and links to them.

What's New in Visual Studio Integration

Lists the new features in the Visual Studio Development Environment SDK.

Visual Studio SDK

Provides a gateway to documentation, samples, and code to help you develop products that integrate with the Visual Studio product family.

Visual Studio

Discusses how to develop applications by using Visual Studio. Includes sections about how to extend the Visual Studio IDE by using macros and add-ins.