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Easy way to deploy multiple database copies without file name conflicts?
In SSDT a database project has this kind of template to create the database: CREATE DATABASE [$(DatabaseName)] ON PRIMARY(NAME = [$(DatabaseName)], FILENAME = N'$(DefaultDataPath)$(DefaultFilePrefix)_Primary.mdf') LOG ON (NAME = [$(Datab... Read more...
수요일, 9 28
SSDT Crashing repeatedly in a tabluar SSAS project
I've got VS2015 Community Edition latest build (14.0.25431.01) with SSDT Build 14.0.60923.0. Visual Studio is abending repeatedly while in an SSAS Tabular project. The event logs don't say much. Just an unhandled .NET exception. I just updated the... Read more...
월요일, 9 26
Problem creating custom test condition for database unit test -- ExportTestCondition not recognized as valid attribute
Hi, I wasn’t sure if I should be posting this here or in the Visual Studio Extensibility forum. I’m trying to create a custom test condition as described here: But my test condition... Read more...
목요일, 9 5
DAC Package publish error.
I have a publish script generated from database which needs to be deployed , when I try to deploy DAC Package, I get following error : This type of statistics is not supported to be incremental. Error SQL72045: Script execution error. The executed ... Read more...
수요일, 9 28